Isadora Ribeiro

Marcello Ferri met Isadora at her place while in Milan, and they shot playing with clothes, body wave tunes and soap bubbles…

How would you define your style?
Lots of glam mixed with a punch of rock and roll. Depending on the day I could also throw a bit of 80s in the mix. Boots are a must and also accessories. Thin neck scarves and some paillettes here and there are my thing.

What do you like to wear in your free time?
I’m a very homey person, if I’m in the house I just wanna be comfortable, so I guess leggings and a t-shirt. If I’m going out I like to create a look, I’m always fully dressed up. Sometimes I stay up at night thinking about the possibilities. I only buy things if I really really love them and if I can see many ways to combine them with the stuff I already have in my closet.

What’s the accessory you would never go out without?
Sunglasses and something around my neck, maybe my crosses or my flowers or just a thin scarf.

What do you like to do in your free days?
Exercise, go out to a nice restaurant or just dance alone at home to my vinyls.

What’s your fav song right now?
That’s the toughest question lol… I have so many different tunes depending on my mood… But let’s say for now it’s been Valium by Dollkraut.